Epidural adhesiolysis with pulsed radiofrequency

Epidural adhesiolysis with pulsed radiofrequency (RF) dorsal root ganglion (DRG)

This new technology is used to perform single neuromodulation treatment of nerve tissue through pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) in patients with

1-Chronic radicular (root) backache

2- Improve movement in those with lower limb weakness especially with those spinal cord injuries.

3-Improve sphincter control with urinary incontinence.

The navigable radiofrequency catheter, Epi Navigator Flexible Catheter (Epi Navigator Flex Cath), is a single-pole insertion needle and guide wire. PRF treatment involves the application of mild heat (about 42°C) and an intermittent current to the source of pain: the dorsal root ganglion, or the point of entry or exist of the nerve root. This results in desensitization of the irritated nerve and interrupts the sensation of pain or decreases the perception of its intensity. The main advantage of the innovative Epi Navigator Catheter is its capacity to be manoeuvred to precise points because of its flexibility. The catheter is introduced into the epidural space through the natural anatomic hole in the sacral region (sacral hiatus). Procedures conducted through the Epi Flex Navigator catheter take place under constant radiological imaging guidance. The device also allows for drug administration to the point of pain via its infusion system.

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