nutritional therapy

Once the nutritional risk is identified and a plan is customized during the treatment in hospitals, quite often, family members encounter significant challenge improving or even maintaining the nutritional status of their kin. Lack of expert assistance, follow-up monitoring, individual lack of knowledge and sometimes customary beliefs are responsible for such poor nutritional status of persons in post acute phase. Transitional Care Center, our goal is to eliminate these barriers of nutritional therapy for our residents and their families during the transition between hospital and home.


Following a healthy and balanced diet goes a long way in the speedy recovery and effectiveness of physical therapy to regain muscular function and bone strength. Our in house diet and nutrition specialists have renowned expertise in putting together the right diet plans that suit the patients’ requirements on short and long term bases to facilitate the healing process. A healthy diet is not a temporary requirement rather a necessary lifestyle modification. The immune system and muscle strengthening highly depend on the right kind of nutrition- enriched with enough vitamins, minerals and proteins.


Alimran Medical center, The diet plans are organised taking into account various physical factors of the patient such as their age, underlying medical conditions, impact of the recent affliction for which they were hospitalised. Once the assessment is done, an accommodative diet plan is suitably prepared, which upon being followed guarantees effective recovery in a safe and relatively speedy manner.

This service of diet and nutrition speciality is of utmost importance to our patients who are admitted under us following cardiac incidents such as heart attacks. Such patients are in dire need of a lifestyle change that requires modification to their current dietary patterns as well as increased physical activities.

Our nutrition specialists also counsel the patients and their families on the importance of maintaining the prescribed diet and educate them on the benefits of the same.

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