Mesotherapy injection

Losing excess weight and obtaining a slim and beautiful body with no fatty flawless, even a small one, is one of the dreams that many people have and their imaginations flirted with their imaginations. Mesotherapy is considered one of the effective body contouring and muscle contouring methods that have provided a number of beautiful and satisfying results. You will get rid of the accumulated body fat and get a fit and tight body.

What are Mesotherapy injection?

The idea of ​​mesotherapy injection to melt fat depends mainly on the use of a strong substance capable of dissolving the fatty tissue accumulated under the skin, and it is known that obesity or excess weight in most areas of the body other than the abdomen is fat cells stored directly below the skin and being in this place makes it more difficult Burn and dispose of it without much effort, such as weightlifting. In Mesotherapy, micro-needles are used for subcutaneous injection to concentrate the active substances in the adipose tissue lining the three layers of skin, and after melting them, the body begins to eliminate them in its own way. These active substances are often a combination of enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and some medicinal drugs.

Is Mesotherapy Safe?

One of the greatest benefits of Mesotherapy as opposed to liposuction is that Mesotherapy is not a surgical procedure. Therefore, there are no surgical risks or complications that may come with liposuction procedures.

Mesotherapy results

It may take a number of sessions to reach the desired result, and this number varies according to your personal situation and the size of the fat tissue that you want to dissolve. This method can be used to remove fat in delicate places such as the neck and sometimes double chin beautification.

The number of sessions a person needs ranges between 5 and 10 sessions that can be determined according to his personal condition, and one of the best advantages of Mesotherapy injection to melt fat Is that its results are permanent if you maintain your health and weight as much as possible and do not return to your wrong eating habits that caused the appearance of fat from the beginning.

Uses of Mesotherapy
Cellulite is mainly caused by the irregular accumulation of fatty tissue under the skin
Local slimming for one specific area of ​​the body such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, legs, arms and face.
It can be used to beautify the face and neck and get rid of any excess fat, no matter how small it is
Body sculpting by melting topical fat.
Tighten skin sagging and signs of aging.
Mesotherapy injections treat the deformities that may result after fat withdrawals.
Treatment of skin incision protrusion in some operations, such as cesarean delivery


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