Back Pain  Neck Pain can be managed through traditional treatment options

Such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, or pain management, but often disc pain

More difficult. For many patients, treating basic disc diseases is the only most effective way to solve the problem of that pain.

Through daily activities, vertebral tablets are prone to degeneration and injury because they are compressed and wrapped.

When the disc decomposes, the gel-like nucleus loses its hydration, reducing the height of the disc

Furthermore, disk degeneration causes the flexible outer shell to become fragile

They are prone to cracks that can lead to disc herniation. Swelling or herniated disks

Often you press on the spinal nerves, causing severe pain and radical morbidity

®SpineMED is now designed to target damaged spinal cord segments and decompress between vertebrae and tablets in order to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal away from medical drugs and surgeries.

Damaged vertebral discs rarely heal because they remain under constant pressure (even if the person feels comfortable), the ideal treatment for disc improvement is to relieve pressure, or reduce the pressure inside the damaged disk.

How spinmed chiropractic works؟

SpineMED® relieves pressure by being able to stabilize the spine without causing reflected muscle contractions or convulsions as is the case with normal drag devices.

By monitoring the stress applied to the patient every 2.5 seconds, he or she can make adjustments every 20 seconds for better results.

What distinguishes SpinMEd from other drag devices
This ability to sense and control tensions almost immediately is a major difference that distinguishes it from other devices and traditional clouds.

What’s the point of decompression?

The goal of decompression is to allow fluids, nutrients and oxygen to flow back into the disc. This food exchange process helps the body’s natural reconstruction and can speed up the repair process and eventually heal damaged spinal discs.

In addition, reducing pressure inside objects may help restore the nucleus of the open disk or hernia back to the center, relieving pressure on the nerve root – relieving the problem, pain or numbness.

This device contributes to the treatment of both:
Used for the treatment of slippage without surgery as it helps to restore a large proportion of cervical or lumbar cartilage to their natural place

Re-distance spacing between the offended vertebrae to their correct position
It works to reduce the nerve inflammation resulting from the pressure of the vertebrae as it improves the blood circulation in the area and follows the reduction of pain in the area
Treatment of back pain and neck pain without analgesics and muscle tension and helps improve the condition of the nerve and muscles between the back and neck
deformities and curvature of the spine in all its forms
Pain caused by swollen herniated disks lasting more than four weeks
Repeated pain from failed back surgery of more than six months
How chiropractic sessions are
®SpineMED consists of 20 to 25 30-minute sessions. And these are safe and pain-ridsession sessions.

®SpineMED sessions are usually conducted 3-5 times a week over a period of 4 to 6 weeks.

In fact, each session has a cumulative effect, designed to significantly reduce pain.

Look out
We promote relaxation during your sessions by listening to music or watching your favorite movies if you even observe your session progress



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