Rehabilitation Consists

The role of the seniors in our society is a special and revered one. As a culture, we have a long-standing tradition of caring for our elderly family members and providing them a supportive and joyful experience in their golden age. At Alimran Medical Center, we acknowledge the role of our Elders and have a deep understanding and experience of their needs that allows us to cater for them in a comprehensive manner with established protocols.

With increasing age, most people face physical and emotional challenges that affect their level of functioning and wellness. Lower immunity, vulnerability to illness, lower physical dexterity and mobility, reduced mental agility are just some of the changes that the elderly undergo. An active lifestyle is the best remedy to mitigate the impact of age and where there is a gap, focused Geriatric Rehabilitation can help restore as much independence as possible and mitigate the effects of age.

Geriatric Rehabilitation Consists Of:

Personalized Physiotherapy to recover musculosketal function, from addressing Balance and Frailty to post injury or surgery management

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to address a range of common issues from delirium, dementia, depression to Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons

Addressing Malnutrition through Diet and Nutrition Counselling

Pain Management

Medical supervision and Timely delivery

Incontinence Training and Bladder and Bowel Movement Management

Specific conditions such as cardio vascular health, prevention of falls and osteoporosis

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