Transcranial magnetic stimulation

Did the operating system happen in your brain?
Now a brain-mimicking technology to help it boost cells

When we talk about controversial treatments, this technique is the most exciting for each of them, where magnetic waves and pulses can help treat many of the many conditions.
1. Parkinson’s Disease
2. Depression, fatigue, negative symptoms of schizophrenia, mental disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder
3. Migraine or migraine
4. Addiction to smoking, alcohol or drugs
5. Memory loss (Alzheimer’s disease) or frequent forgetfulness
6. Generalized anxiety or panic disorder
7. For tinnitus or auditory hallucinations
8. Removement of paralyzed people and treatment of stroke effects
The brain is a group of neurons with trillions of connections that control our conscious and unconscious actions, and this network relies on the spread of electrical impulses along the nerve fibers.
Parts of this network are responsible for different aspects of our lives, such as feelings, vision, listening, muscle movement.
And the ability to process information
Parts of this network can be treated using magnetic pulses to change electrical events in the brain by using transcranial magnetic stimulation to increase the activity of certain areas of the brain. I.e. stimulating neurons in the brain thus increase communication between brain cells and form the necessary networks
ECTHow is it different from electroshock therapy? RTMS
Electrical currents are distributed throughout the brain and there is an increased risk of memory loss, while
Targeting a certain area of the brain, on the other hand, the unsubeffects are very minor, unlike the effects of electric shocks.

What’s the session like?
The patient sits in a comfortable chair with a figure 8 file above the head delivers an electric magnet magnetic pulse without pain stimulating neurons in the area of your brain and may activate areas of the brain that have reduced their activity and get permanent results requires daily sessions five times a week for four to six a Sell
• The first effects are already felt within 10 sessions (2-3 weeks)
• Long-term effect after 4-8 weeks of intensive treatment
• This technique leaves few or no side effects but quickly disappears (possible side effects of headaches and minor discomfort at the location where it is stimulated)

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